Tacklebear and Barko
© 2005 Dean LeCrone

Tacklebear and Barko the Stickdog: The adventures of a bear and his pet dog. Brought together by Tacklebear's need for a roommate and companionship, and Barko's need for a home. Conflicts arise when Tackle's role as the responsible adult figure clashes with Barko's often defiant and iresponsible ways. Tackle also struggles to maintain his role as the responsible one because Barko's infectious, upbeat energy, however ill-timed and misguided it may be, is just too much fun to resist.

Soon there will be a bio of the creator of Tacklebear and Barko--Dean LeCrone--right here. Until then just look at these photos taken at the San Diego Comic Con 2004 where the official Sourdirt Comics booth is always busy.